Excellence Academy

It is a Type 1 Charter. That means it is a subsidiary of the Monroe City School System, but is being granted the freedom to try innovative ways to help its students.

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Charter School?

A Charter school is an independent public school that is allowed to be more innovative than the normal public schools, but still be held equally accountable for student achievement.

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Admissions Information

All students zoned to attend Monroe City Schools in the 6-8th grade are eligible to apply with the understanding that the Excellence Academy is an intensive arts oriented charter.

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School Location?

The school operates in a 30,000 square foot facility located at 811 Washington Street, Monroe, Louisiana.

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Educational Advantages

The Excellence Academy empowers students with the tools of technology.
The technology available today has made a wealth of knowledge available to students, which offers great potential for the speed and style of learning. Information is presented in so many ways that any type learner, whether gifted or disabled, can find and use the necessary material. This fact relates not only to the Internet, but to all the many technological improvements in learning, from smart boards to handheld dictionaries.

Our Goal

Interested in Music, Drama or Dance?.
Our goal here is to motivate, cultivate, and leverage these artistic interests in an innovative technology based educational environment. This can create a more engaged student, teacher, and community.